Co-Founder / CTO / Full-Stack Engineer at Piing. Manchester, UK.

For more than a decade, I've had the pleasure of creating digital interactive experiences at LOVE. and Rhythm, for some of the biggest brands in the world. A handful of these include Sony PlayStation, Umbro, Diageo, Moët & Chandon, The V&A, Manchester City F.C. and Deutsche Bank. Now Co-Founder at Piing, our event tech startup.

  • Piing Logo

    Piing is our crowd engagement platform. It enables hundreds of players to join in one of our customisable activities and games with a mobile device. No app download required.

  • Quiiz Logo

    Realtime interactive gameshow which scales to thousands.

  • Image of a ring created with the V&A Design a Ring app.
    V&A Design a Ring

    Ring designer interactive for the V&A Jewellery Gallery. Made with Blender; Three.js; React; Laravel

  • Interactive tea blending tables
    Mackintosh at the Willow

    Interactive touchscreens for the Mackintosh At The Willow, Glasgow.

  • Time Twister at the National Science and Media Museum
    National Science and Media Museum: Time Twister

    Time Twister installation for the Wonderlab Gallery at the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford. Made with openFrameworks.

  • Image of the interactive installation
    Manchester Arndale Christmas Promo

    Interactive installation in Manchester Victoria Station for Manchester Arndale. Built with Unity and Kinect.

  • Image of the interactive table
    House of European History

    Tablet-controlled interactive table built with Node.js / JavaScript / Canvas / WebSockets for House of European History Museam in Brussels, Belgium. Each installation has 4 interactive quadrents which are controlled by seperate devices.

  • Interactive bubble wall
    Moët & Chandon: N.I.R

    Massive wall of bubbles for the Moet & Chandon N.I.R Nectar Imerial Rose Dry launch party at One Embankment, London and a smaller version for the Boujis nightclub in South Kensington. Made with Cinder; Kinect; OpenGL With custom GLSL shaders.

  • Ommegang interactive kiosk
    V&A Europe 1600-1815 Gallery

    Multiple interactives for the V&A's Europe 1600-1815 gallery. Made with HTML; CSS; JavaScript

  • Image of the Junior Vets game on the CBBC games website
    Junior Vets Game

    Junior Vets game for CBBC. Made with Flash / AS3; Box2D Physics

  • LOVE Creative's 2012 Interactive Xmas Projection
    LOVE. Interactive Xmas Projection

    The LOVE 2012 Christmas Card. An interative wall streamed live on Write a message on the website and see it appear on the office wall over the live stream when the link is opened. Made with openFrameworks; Node.js; Flash (web component).

  • Image of the 1350 footwear site
    Umbro 1350 Footwear

    Footwear site for the Umbro 1350 campaign. Made with Flash / AS3

  • Image of the custom YouTube skin
    Sony PlayStation YouTube Channel

    Custom YouTube channel for Sony PlayStation. Made with Flash / AS3

  • Umbro 1350
    Umbro 1350

    Website for Umbro's 1350 campaign. Made with Flash / AS3

  • PS Move YouTube takeover
    PS Move: YouTube Takeover

    Physics-based YouTube takeover for the launch of the PS Move. Made with Flash / AS3; Box2D Physics

  • PS Vita one-armed bandit
    PS Vita: YouTube Takeover

    One-armed bandit Takeover to coincide with the launch of the PS Vita. Made with Flash / AS3

  • Image of the PS3 The Game website
    PS3 - The Game

    Create challenges for friends with donzens of minigames. To coincide with the PS3 campaign: "The Game Is Just The Start". Minigames and interactive components made with Flash / AS3

  • Image of the projected photo wall
    CTRL+ALT+SHIFT: 2 Fingers to War

    Photo wall installation at a CTRL+ALT+SHIFT event at the Southbank Centre, London. Created for Dorothy. Made with Flash / AS3

  • Green Santa Website
    Green Santa

    Green Santa website. A production by LOVE. And Chief. Made with Flash / AS3